The Ultimate Guide To Quirkies NFTs

The Quirkies NFT collection features 5,000 quirky creatures that are available on OpenSea at 2.85 eth floor price. The total trade volume of 12.9 ETH is definitely not to be ignored. According to passionate NFT collectors, these weird creatures will make big steps in the future period.

quirkies nfts

What are Quirkies NFTs?

The story of Quirkies is simple. They are our personal companions that will become our metaverse personas. That’s why the crew behind the Quirkies recommends us to choose a Quirkie that represents our mood and character.

The collection of Quirkies NFTs features several hundred traits and as they grow, they’re planning to expand their brand and provide us with the latest merchandise, products, and also live events. The whole brand is inspired by skate culture and surfing, so the clothing line they’re planning to make will also be inspired by these two aspects.

These colorful creatures live in the metaverse called Quirksville, and they represent the creation of @Finch_O_N_E and @SyntribosStable.

The official Quirkies NFT Twitter page currently has 47.3K followers. According to their last Twitter post, they announce a new project that will be revealed in June. It’s called Quirklings.

According to the picture and the background picture of @Finch ONE on Twitter, we can assume that it will be a project inspired by the Vikings.

What do we know about the Quirklings?

Since the project is kept secret, we only know that the mint date of Quirklings NFT is 3rd June. By holding one Quirkie, you’ll be able to claim 1 Quirkling. The rest of the crew, 5,000 of them will be minted via WL and Public sale to bring in a new wave of holders into Quirksville.

Even if you don’t have a Quirkie, you’ll be able to mint a Quirkling. They’ll offer allowlists and also giveaways through their Twitter page. For users who didn’t succeed to mint in these ways, they’ll be able to mint through the Quirklings public sale too.

Why do Quirkies NFTs don’t have a rarity?

Unlike other collections, these colorful creatures are intentionally not listed on any rarity website. It’s because they want to have a community that will respect the value of Quirkies according to their art and traits. They don’t want to be listed on rarity scores but to be chosen by someone’s personal taste. The Quirkie NFT collection is inspired by surf and skate culture and coastal living. That’s what the team behind these creatures wants to build.

quirkies nfts

Wrapping up

So far, we’ve seen so many collections that made their secondary collections. Some of them are Beanz by Azuki NFTs, and BACK by Bored Ape Yacht Club. Both of these collections have made a great success, so we think that Quirklings are worth considering too. We will follow the further development of the Quirkies NFT collection, and keep an eye on their community.






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