The Ultimate Guide To Chimpers NFT Collection

Chimpers NFT collection features 5,555 pixelated monkeys that are inspired by free expression, Anime films, and pixel games. Chimpers NFTs are launched by a 22-year-old UK-based artist known as Timpers. He is an animator and graphic designer that grew up playing pixel-based games such as Pokémon. The current floor price at the time of writing is 2.6 ETH with 5.7 ETH volume traded on OpenSea.

What is Chimpers NFT?

The idea behind these apes goes back to July 2021 when Timpers decided to create a collection inspired by pixelated art. The whole project is lore-based and it relies on creating opportunities, friendships, and free expression. That’s why we can say it’s a sort of social project. Chimpers NFTs live in the Pixelverse that is otherwise called Chimpverse.

Their vision is to build a strong community that will join them on an epic adventure. The team behind the project doesn’t promise unreal rewards. Unlike many other NFT collections, Chimpers promise to build strong connections and the universe to remember. The holders can also expect certain rewards, however, they’re still kept secret.

The team behind the Chimpers NFT collection

The team behind the Chimpers NFTs is doxxed. The team consists of a writer, artist, and strategic manager. Even though the artist known as Timpers is only 22 years old, he had several successful cooperations with famous NFT collections so far.

He worked with RTFKT, Kolectiv, and Interleave, and had his artwork featured in BAYC x Rolling Stone Zine. Timpers has also been one of the artists on the iconic NOUNS DAO project.  As a cherry on top, Timpers finally decided to create his own character collection. The first launch was a collection of 100 genesis Chimpers and their current floor price at the time of writing is 42.69 ETH.

According to the success they made, we’re quite sure that his new collection of 5,555 Chimpers will be equally famous and successful.

The other two members of the Chimpers NFT team are Ser Joey and Insight who is a writer and twin brother of Timpers. Since his passion is writing and his works can be read on websites such as Decrypt, Cointelegraph, and 137PM, we believe that he will write useful and important copy for his brother’s project.

The guy hiding under the nickname Ser Joey is a strategy director. So far, he minted 3 BAYC and set up the OG Punk Charts. Since he has a wide experience in NFTs and consultancy services, he is definitely the perfect addition to the Chimpers team.

chimpers nft


The mint will consist of contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, and allowlists of existing TBAC and Chimpers properties. TBAC features 6 TBAC episodes and by owning all 6 episodes, you can have 8 Chimplist positions. Chimplist slots can be earned by owning one episode in Snapshot. On the other hand, Genesis Chimpers are only for the holders of the complete set through airdrops. By owning a Genesis Chimpers in Snapshot, you can receive six chimpanzee slots.

The e-book features exciting stories about monkeys’ adventures, it’s flippable and made to attract more fans to join their ecosystem. One e-book brings you 1 small vault location, while multiple small vaults bring multiple locations. The mint went live on May 20th,  and the initial sale ends on May 22nd.

From 5,555 Chimpers NFTs, 130 pieces are reserved for the team’s coffers. They will be used for community events, and core/dev/mod friends.





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