The Complete Guide To SuperGucci NFTs

Want to become an exclusive holder of SUPERGUCCI NFTs? Insane cooperation between Superplastic and Gucci comes in a three-part series of CryptoJanky NFTs. So far, we have seen the first part that has been launched on February 1, 2022.

The first series of SUPERGUCCI NFTs features 10 unique non-fungible tokens that come with a ceramic sculpture handmade by Bitossi. Those amazing ceramic sculptures are co-designed both by Gucci and Superplastic.

Who are Janky and Guggimon behind SUPERGUCCI NFTs?

Superplastic created two figures- Janky and Guggimon, which are the world’s premier designer superstars with their own identities to maintain! Founded by Paul Budnitz who also founded Kidrobot back in 2002, this company is focused on giving virtual or synthetic beings an actual figurehead that they can identify themselves with.

We bet that you have heard of Janky and Guggimon. These two imaginative creatures are internet phenomena, and fashion influencers who have changed the way we consume entertainment. When you think of the word “icon,” who should come to your mind? It should definitely be Janky, a self-proclaimed streetwear icon achieved by dumpster diving for discarded fits on movie sets in Beverly Hills. He got his start as a stuntman in a viral video run by Travis Scott. ASTROWORLD trailer earned him worldwide attention online.

Guggimon is an artist and collector of horror-themed items who also works as a DJ. He’s been keeping his identity hidden due to social media anxiety, but he has more than 100K fans. His favorite exhaust valve is ruination and posting thirst traps.

These two fictional buddies live at the House of Plastic located outside of Brooklyn. And while many of you would tell that they are crazy and not worthy of attention, others go nuts for their obsessions and weird personalities. One thing is for sure…these fellows bring a piece of something illegal, strange, and curious.

How can I get SUPERGUCCI NFTs?

The first drop of these Super Gucci NFTs allowed everyone to purchase them at 1.5 ETH which didn’t include transaction fees. That’s a pretty good deal considering how much people love their luxury brands! The blockchain behind this project is minted on Ethereum.

When you think of the world’s most famous fashion brands, Gucci is one that’ll come to mind. They’ve been around for decades and their designs continue to dominate catwalks today all over the world. The story about Superplastic and Gucci has been spiced up by the characters Janky and Guggimon who take a trip to Gucci Vault. It’s a concept store created by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele.

We can’t wait to see the two other series. We’re sure they’ll be equally gorgeous as NFTs from the first series. To buy Supergucci NFTs, you’ll need access to ETH currency. This currency can be found directly through Metamask, Coinbase, or Kraken.

supergucci nfts

Troubles at start

There was an issue with bots when the drop ran into a snag and they exploited the smart contracts. This is not the first time that there has been an issue with them. Luckily, Superplastic solved it by switching over to a raffle system for more fair distribution schemes! Let’s see how things go next time around.

What is Gucci Vault?

Gucci Vault is a virtual online store that houses all things worthy of beauty and dreams. The name simply evokes an air of magic, denoting the presence of precious objects which represent love for artistry in life—a testament to how much past, present, and future can exist alongside one another through powerful ideas.

On the store’s virtual shelves, we can find both Gucci’s and other special brands’ creations. With a focus on forward-thinking ideas, Vault is an online store for luxury goods. Their monthly vintage finds and exclusive capsules make them stand out from other stores in the genre while their collaborations add another dimension to what they do best – going beyond time & space with each new item released!

supergucci nfts

SUPERGUCCI NFTs- what can we expect from this collection?

With such an ambitious project, it’s hard to predict what will come next from the collaboration between Gucci and Superplastic. We’re all expecting something big, knowing that Gucci’s budget is boundless. Fans of Gucci and Superplastic will definitely want to hold one of their NFTs and their current floor price on OpenSea is 4.3 ETH. With 365 owners and 5.8k ETH traded volume, the SUPERGUCCI NFTs will surely make a great success.



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